paper: chic first anniversary gift ideas

chic first anniversary gifts: paper



I’m almost at the two year mark with my boyfriend. It’s snuck up on us and we’re now trying to think of something fun to do which won’t break the budget. It reminded me of the traditional and modern lists of what to get your husband or wife for your anniversary on different years. You could probably play with these rules with your girlfriend or boyfriend too.

At first glance, a set of guidelines might seem boring or unoriginal, but I think some loose rules push you to become more creative in order to personalise it to your significant other.

I actually like the traditional version, paper, rather than the modern suggestion which is clocks or gold jewellery. Paper is simpler, giving you more creative scope. It also doesn’t beckon for expensive gold jewellery or a watch.

  • Handwritten love note
  • High quality journal for the creative types
  • Gorgeous coffee table book to pore over
  • Photo book full of photos from your first year of marriage (Officeworks makes this easy!)
  • Beautiful poster
  • Map – so you can mark the places you want to go together
  • Ancient edition of a favourite book
  • Japanese lantern
  • Tickets – a concert, plane tickets, anywhere! Great for those who don’t want more stuff and prefer experiences

Any other ideas?


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