Interior Styling: Dresser Vignettes

I was inspired to redecorate my duchess after taking Justina Blakeney’s interior styling class on Skillshare. My biggest takeaway were to add botanicals, bling (glass, sparkly things or metals) and make an arrangement using different heights and shapes.

It’s a big, beautiful piece of furniture that my parents bought from an antiques shop when I was four years old. They painted it white, with lilac feature panels – my favourite colour. I repainted it last year but because I used the cheapest, chalkiest white paint I had to repaint it with a white glossy paint this year. Chalky or matte paint gets much dirtier and is harder to clean, which is a nightmare when you’re constantly spilling powders and smudging lipsticks all over the place!

The left side of the duchess is my temple to the most beautiful, feminine things I’ve found and the right side is a little more casual. The middle is my workspace – where the magic happens! 😉

It’s my treasure trove and the most precious objects I collect (with a magpie-like zeal) find their home here. If you read the descriptions below, you’ll see that I’ve collected even simple, small things from far flung places and gathered them here. It’s not pictured here because I lent it to my sister, but I usually use a miniature wine bottle from my first trip to Paris as a vase. It cost all of 2 Euro and it’s one of my favourite knick knacks! I love having these memories surround me every morning as I get ready.


1. Bring back little knick knacks from wherever you travel. They are often inexpensive and don’t take up too much room in your suitcase, and make perfect collections!

2. Photos add love

3. Plants add life

4. “Bling” – mosaic coloured glass, gold, silver – they all add glamour

5. Texture – I love the edge of the tray, the photo frame and the feathers on the Venetian mask. They make spaces pop.

6. Art – Adds a bit of soul to any space



Antique silver tray Paddington Antique Centre Miss Dior Cherie EDP Myer, Brisbane Photo frame Zara Home, Paris Chinese tea cup (used as lipstick holder) found rummaging around the house  Fresh pink roses Davies Park Markets Chanel rose lipstick Galeries Lafayette, Paris Mosaic lamp Athens Guerlain Little Black Dress EDP Galeries Lafayette, Paris Gold, plumed mask Venice Glass decanter Antiques market, Brisbane Pink jewellery bodice gift from my godfather Cabaret poster a new stand, Paris



Miranda EDP Fragonard, France Fleurs d’Agrumes Parfums et senteurs du Pays Basque, Maris, Paris Purple Turkish Scarf Kusdasi, Turkey Gold goblets Endos Antique Centre, Paddington PJ shorts Etam, Paris


Gold & blue rug Kusadasi Turkey – my consolation for not buying the real deal! Painted ceramic bowl Manarola, Cinque Terre Gold half bracelet half bangle Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre Silver jewellery box A present from Bali Lemon Candle Carthusia, Capri Face Mask Athens Photo of my friends & me on exchange in Paris Frame was a gift from my best friend Red mosaic glass candle holder
sans candle, from Kusadasi, Turkey Bar a vins painting Montmartre Artists Markets, Paris Beaded gold hoop earrings A gift from my uncle, when shopping in Melbourne


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