faux français at le bon choix, paddington

After I got home from overseas, I met a girlfriend at Le Bon Choix in Paddington for coffee. I love the pastries, I love the coffee but I am not in love with the staff speaking French. Sometimes speaking French, anyway.

The average Australian’s French extends to “bonjour”, “au revoir” and “merci”, so this is all you will hear in French. The rest is in English. I speak French at a relatively conversational level, but in the middle of Brisbane I’d feel a little pretentious ordering in French, or half French and half English.


Despite this, I love visiting Le Bon Choix. White tile floors, high white ceilings, spacious, breezy and with large windows. Reminiscent of no Parisian cafe I’ve ever been in, but I think it’s a good representation of how we might dream that Paris might actually be. I think the French speaking is to help that fantasy a little. I don’t hold it against them, a lot of people love it. Just not me.

But I do love that my apple Danish was in the shape of an apple.


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