weekend border hopping

David & I ventured just over the border into New South Wales this weekend to beautiful Byron Bay and in an unexpected twist, Brunswick Heads. Even an overnight trip away was perfect. A nice mix of seeing new places and trying new things, such as:

– Seeing Brunswick Heads for the first time

– Eating grilled octopus (like, whole. Not hidden in calamari rings)

– Falling asleep on the beach at Byron – the definition of relaxed!

– Going to the most Eastern point of Australia at the Cape Byron lighthouse

– Seeing dolphins, a stingray, rock wallabies and a fearless mountain goat on the cliffs and in the water at Cape Byron

– Finally getting to try the Smashed Avocado at Blackboard Coffee, my boyfriend’s uni breakfast haunt. Verdict: Yum!

At the same time, all we ever really had to worry about was how hungry we were. Easy peasy!

You can read about Brunswick Heads on my other blog, Wanderbug. Byron post is coming soon, but now it’s time for bed and I’m getting up at 5.30 AM tomorrow to do Pilates before work! I’ve recently become a pre-work exercise addict.




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