garance dore’s wisdom on shopping at zara

I love Garance Dore’s blog, for her cute illustrations and practical, down to earth advice, insights and reflections. I’ve just read her latest post, in response to a reader asking her how she always finds such good pieces at Zara.

You can read the article here:

What I really liked, was her point #4 about avoiding the piece if it looked to imitate the latest Marant, Celine and Valentino, out of respect for the original creators but also because it sends the wrong message about originality and yourself. I thought this was really interesting, and a perspective I really admire. Although I’m a student and not able to afford high end brands, I wouldn’t want to be buying a dress that is a simple copy cat piece either. Inspired by, yes. For example, the prints and relaxed looks in Isabel Marant’s show in my previous post, yes. But a top that is uncannily similar down to the last detail? No.

The other thing I liked about this post, is that Garance lives in the fashion world, but still relates to her readers, sharing her slight embarrassment when former Vogue Paris editor Carine Roitfeld asked her where her shoes were from, and she answered Zara. In this post she gives clever tips and tricks that helps readers find great pieces at a chain store, that works seamlessly into a more expensive wardrobe. She isn’t a snob, but she protects the creative integrity of high fashion designers while singing the praises of original pieces at a lower price.


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