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MOR marshmallowy goodness than you can poke a stick at

I’ve had MOR’s marshmallow perfume oil for a while, but had lost it when I renovated my room last year. By chance I found it the other day and started wearing it, unsure of the scent’s staying power and all the rest, and a few hours later when I saw my boyfriend, he commented on how much he liked it. He’s generally pretty honest and upfront with his opinions ( “I like this lipgloss!” “I really don’t like that top”) which I like because all of his compliments are genuine and thus much nicer to receive.

I’ve been looking for a summer perfume for a little while now (more on curating my perfume wardrobe soon), and it’s something I deliberate over a lot because I like to stick to only a small perfume collection that suits me to a T and that I’ll love for a long time, but also because perfume is pretty expensive for something that some would suggest you can live quite happily without (but really, perfume is a pleasure so I think it’s important).
In the mean time though, this perfume oil is such a winner! It was only $19.99 as well, which I think is a little funny as it lasts really well and so many of the perfumes I tried withered away so quickly.

Its sweet and marshmallowy and delicious, without being overpowering or too sickly sweet, and like all good perfumes, after a while I don’t smell it anymore, but other people still notice it.

I probably wouldn’t make it my “summer perfume” as such, but it is really nice to have and to wear, especially on days which you want to make a little effort, but aren’t doing anything in particular to justify a perfume.


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