runway v real world

I’ve found myself flicking, skipping and jumping quickly through a number of galleries from recent RTW S/S 2013 fashion shows, and wondering “Is this it?”

Now, it’s not because I’m a fashionista with sky high standards or a design genius. I’ve just started to realise just how boring and uninspiring models are to look at.
There were shows that I loved regardless – namely Saint Laurent RTW S/S 2013 (…why it wasn’t Yves Saint Laurent, I don’t know. New line? Should look into that) and eventually, I warmed up to Valentino’s new collection.

The rest though, I found myself getting more and more bored, until it hit me. The models possessed no “je ne sais quoi”, they weren’t effortless, or chic, or fabulous because they had no personality. Now, I know this realisation is nothing new, but it linked to my next “ahhh!” moment, which for me explains the rising popularity of fashion bloggers. These are the stylish, interesting, inspiringly dressed women who we can actually look to for substantial inspiration. The garments are beautiful, but it is the way they are styled with old and new, expensive and cheap. It’s the way they hold themselves, the way they did their make up that day, the way their hair looked and the expression on their face – a big one.  Have you ever seen a runway model look thoughtful or charming or like she has a secret?

Runway shows are primarily for the industry anyway, and in the past it has been the job of magazines to reinterpret these pieces into outfits, but now they are struggling against fresh faces who can mix in a designer piece with something they were given eight years ago, giving a much less manicured look. At the same time, because they are real, they won’t venture too far into bizarro high fashion looks that seem to try too hard, at times.

Looking through the runway shows takes so much longer, thinking of how these pieces could shine on a woman who uses the clothes as self expression and weaves them into her story, because they are presented in their most basic form on the runway. I guess this is part of the art of trend spotting or of writing about fashion. I think it’s certainly a reason why fashion blogs are taking off! They are such a breath of fresh air – of course they vary in quality, but lately, I haven’t found any fashion magazine that has inspired me nearly as much as leading fashion blogs, like Kayture, pictured above ( a personal favourite!).


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